was created on Dec 15, 1999

HP iLO reset


Якщо iLO починає якось дивно себе поводити.

1) Зайдіть на iLO по ssh
2) Введіть reset map1

Виглядає приблизно так:

$ ssh
Warning: Permanently added '' (RSA) to the list of known hosts.
vitich@'s password:
User:vitich logged-in to / fe00::9ab7:54dd:fe12:9140)
iLO 4 Advanced 1.32 at Nov 05 2013
Server Name:
Server Power: On
hpiLO-> reset map1
Mon Jul 17 11:24:22 2017
Resetting iLO.
CLI session stopped
Received disconnect from port 22:11: Client Disconnect
Disconnected from port 22